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relative plate motion virtual lab answers Mountains and Volcanoes Chapter 4. This activity does not address any continental shapes seafloor structures or plate motions. VOCABULARY converging plates diverging plates transform movement MATERIALS sand clay wax paper box BACKGROUND inches year rate distance time and direction of plate motion of the Pacific Plate over the last 27 million years. edu Subject Re Reaction time amp car accident Date Mon 25 Oct 1999 20 33 42 0100 From quot Ray Holloway quot To quot Fu Kwun Hwang quot I am now studying the Relative Motion applet it is most interesting to see clearly the things we notice in everyday life. _____ _____ Three times you used the same two types of crust but switched left and right sides. Apr 26 2020 The GEM Strain Rate Map Project compiles velocity data from thousands of GPS GNSS stations around the world and models plate motions and crustal strain. The goal s of the lab activity Earth s hot liquid innards also are always in motion. The worksheet has labeled data tables used to organize and interpret the findings of the dig site simulation. You will need this sheet to record your data. B Trenches accretionary wedges prisms and volcanic or _____ arcs are key surface features produced by subduction. What is the main difference you see on the map from 0. Learn about position velocity and acceleration graphs. PLATE TECTONIC CYCLE PLATE TECTONICS 4 LAB OBJECTIVES 1. Have one lab partner in position to drop the book along the path of the detector. Virtual Labs Update December 2019 Major browsers like Chrome Edge and Safari block the use of Flash and Adobe has planned to completely kill the platform in 2020. By studying the map view pattern of first motion recorded at various stations you can define the four quadrants which in turn indicate the sense of motion along the fault when the earthquake occurred. ew volcano develops over the hotspot next to the older vokkano. To order your teacher toolkit complete and submit this form to request the teacher toolkit . 4. 1612 mm yr Using the formula in FIGURE 2. 1 b Lab arrangement for Exp. Unit 3 nbsp 12 Aug 2015 Key Terms Plate tectonics geosphere volcano earthquake divergent Distinguish the different types of plate boundaries including their relative motions and their global Resource Type Laboratory investigation experiment or Resource Type Visualization static visualization animation simulation . As determined from your work this rate is_____kilometers million years. reference frame. A converging plate boundary the plate on the left subducts under the right hand plate. Rules for Ladder Use in the American National Standards Institute standard A14. wvc. actually the correct answer is that N could have any value What is a number between 1 and 2 any digital e. Procedure Please print the worksheet for this lab. Here is a set of pre lab lab and post lab lesson plans on plate tectonics. Lab Activity Kinematics Include these in your lab report 1. Geology lab 1 Hotspots and Plate motions. Students often confuse wave motion the movement of a wave pattern across the medium from one end to the other end with particle motion the name of the plate your community lies within. That s because warmer materials are generally less dense than cooler ones notes geologist Mark Behn. Exploring the Theory of Plate Tectonics Have students use the living lab resources to complete the worksheet research filling in the graphic organizer chart and sketching future continental movement. 4 Plates Plate Motions and Plate Boundary Processes Continental drift and sea floor spreading became widely accepted around 1965 as more and more geologists started thinking in these terms. Discover how to create new mountains nbsp ____ design an experiment to test the best method to reduce erosion ____explain how plate tectonics acts as constructive and destructive processes ____ investigate virtual dig sites using various methods in order to determine relative and Explanation Students will utilize the textbook to research the answers to their. Chapter 1. Mar 18 2014 This Plate Tectonics Lab Worksheet is suitable for 7th 9th Grade. Plan your 60 minute lesson in Circular Motion or Science with helpful tips from Jameson Parker 2. Virtual Dating contains two options as well as a demonstration version. and is recorded as either up upward first motion for compression and a downward first motion for dilation. In lab you will find the spectra of eighteen galaxies including the Milky Way. Visualizations Continental Movement over Time Plate Boundaries Fault Motion Primary Wave and Secondary Wave Motion Explore how plates move on the surface of the earth. See full list on commons. There are 4 follow up questions that the students will answer to show reading comprehension of the subject. Earthquakes and volcanoes are evidence for plate tectonics. Virtual Dating Isochron for rocks and minerals Virtual Dating Radiocarbon Carbon 14 Virtual Dating Demo If you just want to do a quick run through of the activity try the quot Demo quot version answer checking and other feedbacks are not implemented. usc. 1895 . Complete the Absolute and Relative Magnitude virtual lab on the magnitude of stars. Goal Use a voltage gradient to measure the energy of There are several on line plate motion calculators available we will use the one created by UNAVCO. Module C Motion and Forces Chapter 2. 1 . This is a continent continent convergent boundary and it is generally assumed that although the India Plate continues to move north toward the Asia Plate there is no actual subduction taking place. Using the same procedure above calculate the average rate of plate motion on this longer timescale. It is these seismic waves that can produce ground Mar 26 2014 Centripetal Force By Alexander Jones. 3 both state The user shall not step or stand higher than the step or rung indicated on the label marking the highest standing level. Target Skills. Certain parts of the plate boundary are always moving creeping at the earth 39 s surface with the rest of the plate. compared the success of students participating in traditional labs nbsp 24 Mar 2010 Million years with their absolute plate motions near 90 to each other is not plow through oceanic crust and conclusion 13 Rising limbs coming simulation approaches e. Lunar tides are caused by the moon 39 s gravity pulling on the water on Earth. Activity Embedded Assessment. My Notebook. Other areas are stuck such as the section of the San Andreas Fault where Wallace Creek is found. 2 The coefficient of kinetic friction is the ratio of the frictional force and normal force between two bodies in contact when one of them is moving relative to the other. We will start with a simple pendulum and from then on the experiments get more interesting. Plate tectonics is the theory that the earth 39 s crust is broken up into plates that float on top of a hotter and more fluid Clinical Microbiology w Lab Virtual Reality amp Education Ideas Aug 07 2013 2. Glencoe McGraw Hill Kinematic equations relate the variables of motion to one another. Explore and learn more by using the preselected links below. 1 shows the distribution of a trail of a volcanic centers in Wyoming Idaho and Nevada. Purposes 1 to compare the pattern and magnitude of vertical GRFs for a series of vertical movements of the body or body segments 2 to consider the relative contribution of individual segment motions to vertical jump Mechanics of Machines is defined as that branch of science which deals with the study of relative motion between the various parts of machine and forces which act on them. Due by the time the next lab begins next week 1. Part I Answers 3. There is a wealth of information on the Internet but sometimes the information you need can be hard to find. Observe the energy in the system in real time and vary the amount of friction. The two photogates will record the position of carts as a function of time. 2 and standard A14. The experimental setup is depicted in fig. Which location is positioned over a mantle hot spot 1 A 3 C 2 B 4 D Base your answers to questions 83 through 85 on the maps and table below and on your knowledge of The distribution of earthquakes in the area of the India Eurasia plate boundary is shown in Figure 11. C O O R D I N A T E D S C I E N C E 1 Background You will utilize a slinky to model earthquake waves learn the speed direction and behavior of different waves which tell scientists about earthquakes. Using Dynamic Earth students will work at their own pace to discover the Theory of Continental Drift Pangea and the different kinds of plate boundaries The sheet provided is used as a guidance sheet for them to answer the questions and make sure they don 39 t miss any important information. The absolute motion of plates is much more difficult to define than the relative motion between plates at plate boundaries not least because the whole See full list on serc. Guided Reading Earth s hot liquid innards also are always in motion. g. A. 3 million years Subject Re Reaction time amp car accident Date Mon 25 Oct 1999 20 33 42 0100 From quot Ray Holloway quot To quot Fu Kwun Hwang quot I am now studying the Relative Motion applet it is most interesting to see clearly the things we notice in everyday life. They construct an accurate model of the tectonic plates and answer questions about plate tectonics. . 5 2000 fiberglass 9. 410 Relative Plate Motion. Design and Earth 39 s crust consists of major and minor tectonic plates that move relative to each other. C. 8 million years 11. Mar 21 2013 In 1977 after decades of tediously collecting and mapping ocean sonar data scientists began to see a fairly accurate picture of the seafloor emerge. Next they do a motion sensor lab to collect actual data. Earth science has had little impact on society compared to the theory of AGW which has overthrown nbsp 5 Jan 2015 Coverage middot Annual Report middot Newsletters middot Company Awards middot Analyst Viewpoints middot Speaker Bureau Virtual labs can be a boon to science instruction capturing the With VLab Evidence for Plate Tectonics students discover the L. Feb 27 2019 These are the ends of the two motion vectors which start at the origin x 0 y 0 but for the relative motion between the plates we only need the end points. So hot stuff in Earth s middle rises up kind of like a lava lamp he explains. To get the relative motions between the two plates place yourself on one plate and consider where the other plate lies in velocity space. Along these boundaries plates are in constant motion either away from towards or past each Lab Activity Kinematics Include these in your lab report 1. 3. Earthquakes Living Lab Finding Epicenters and Measuring Magnitudes Activity Worksheet Example Answers 5 This is an opinion based question but expect students to bring in what they know about triangulation distance calculation seismograms nomograms and or the magnitude scale. The same torque can be produced by applying a small force 4 September 2007 MAR 110 Lab 3 Ex 1 3 PT 1 Laboratory 3 Exercise 1 3 Ocean Basin Physiography amp Plate Tectonics 3 1. Discover Labster 39 s award winning virtual lab catalog with simulations in Biology Chemistry and more. Lab Guided Earth Science Plate Tectonics Lab Cesar Duran MS Lab Earth Science Kinematics Wang Yunhe HS Lab Physics Plate Motions Lab Sheet Brian Puls MS K 5 Lab Earth Science NGSS Simulation Alignment Correlation Matthew Huffine UG Intro K 5 MS HS Other Demo Other struttura e vita di un pianeta roccioso Sossio Del Prete Try the new quot Ladybug Motion 2D quot simulation for the latest updated version. Yes if the faults contained fossils particularly index fossils. Plate Tectonics and the Flood Lab 7 Manifestations of Plate Boundaries Purpose. Mechanics of Machines can be sub divided into the following two branches 1. The RPM calculator determines how fast your plate is moving relative to another plate that is assumed to be fixed non moving . a. In linear motion when we have a constant acceleration the velocity changes by an equal amount in every equal time period and there is a linear relationship between velocity and time but in circular motion we we have constant acceleration the change of velocity is squared. Earthquakes in the Bay Area reflect the relative motion of the Pacific and North America plates. Access the answers to hundreds of Projectile motion questions that are explained in a way that 39 s easy for you to understand. If values of three variables are known then the others can be calculated using the equations. Use the pendulum to find the value of g on Planet X May 01 2018 Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User 1976 AP FRQ Forces. Answers will vary but students should have 3 Helpful Vocabulary words in 3 different sentences that make sense. Given what you know about response times from this lab speculate on Accroding to this lab what was the inferred motion of North America relative to Africa that occurred 200 to 130 million years ago Aug 26 2015 Relative plate velocities vary both for individual plates and for different plates. 26 Geology Lab Hotspots and plate motions I need the answer with explaination pleaseI need the answer with explaination please The NPOC GPS station on Hawaii and the Pacific Plate to which it is attached has the following motion Latitude vector direction amp velocity 1. . The purpose of this lab is to perform a slide ABO Rh blood typing procedure discuss the clinical significance of ABO Rh blood typing and how antigens and antibodies relate to the Chapter 9 Answer Key. THE OCEAN BASIN The world ocean basin is an extensive suite of connected depressions or basins that are filled Virtual Pysics Java Laboratory more than 70 physics related java applets developed at NTNU GeoBlocks 3D contains interactive QuickTime Virtual Reality QTVR movies exploring the three dimensional nature of geology specifically geologic structures within blocks. Your task is to determine relative size of the various molecules and gather evidence of molecular movement. Explore the relationships between morphology vulcanism earthquakes and plate motion for convergent divergent amd transform tectonic plate boundaries. Make a few practice trials to see if you can achieve an unperturbed one dimensional collision of the carts. In this plate tectonics instructional activity students cut out plates given a map of the world. May 17 2017 Teach force and motion with style by using experiments free printables and resources that will help bring science concepts alive. 7 B page 57 When the distance that an ocean basin has opened and the time it took for it to open are known the rate of seafloor spreading can be calculated. The ones listed below will no longer work. 196 Then what is calculated next and how do you do that The total mass of plasmid in the cell suspension spread total mass x fraction spread 0. Blend a motion sensor lab with student generated graph modeling. Kistler s long lasting high precision piezoelectric sensors deliver reliable measurement results even under the toughest conditions . carleton. These plates move relative to each other sometimes colliding forming deep sea ANSWER Three very important things are volcanoes earthquakes and a trench Show Your StripesJuly 3 2020 12 00 pm middot Data Labs and RIOS virtual REU nbsp plate tectonics lab answer key Focus on Theory 3 Plate Tectonics so that they get Frames and Title Phet Plate Tectonics Simulation Answer Key Keywords Phet B. The variables include acceleration a time t displacement d final velocity vf and initial velocity vi . motion detector. NNR is the motion of each plate with respect to the average of all the world s plate velocities. The California LESSON 2 Plate Tectonics and Earth 39 s Surface . 8 x 10 3 microgram data. GEOL 1111 Principles of Earth Science Lab CRN 33482 Genesis A Garcia 06 11 2019 Assignment 2 Plate Tectonics Questions 1 2 from Activity 3. 5 . The plates make up Earth 39 s outer shell called the lithosphere . labratory manual lab 2 section 23 physical geography. Dawes Ph. Geol. PHET PLATE TECTONICS. Air resistance can be added to the simulation. Since 1994 CELLS alive has provided students with a learning resource for cell biology microbiology immunology and microscopy through the use of mobile friendly interactive animations video puzzles quizzes and study aids. Set the position velocity or acceleration and let the simulation move the man for you. Since each lab group will turn in an electronic copy of the lab report be sure to rename the lab report template file. Unit 2 Lesson 2 Unit 3 Lesson 2 Quick Lab 1 The History of Plate Tectonics LM pages 172 175. 2 2000 metal 8. It is moving northwest at a speed of around 2. It is sometimes referred to as absolute plate motion since it appears to approximately represent the motions of the surface plates with respect to the Earth s deep interior. This worksheet completed . Do not forget to convert miles to inches and use all the zeroes instead of million years. Dec 19 2017 The largest plate is the Pacific Plate at 39 768 522 square miles 103 000 000 square kilometers . After completing the previous labs on volcanoes and earthquakes sixth graders use the gained knowledge to explore plate boundaries and the movement of Earth 39 s The San Andreas Fault is the most important part of the plate boundary where the Pacific Plate and North American Plate meet. Hotspots and Plate Motions Activity 2. Guided Reading The Physics in Motion teacher toolkit provides instructions and answer keys for study questions practice problems labs for all seven units of study. Foldables At the beginning of each chapter there is a Foldables Reading amp Study Skills In linear motion when we have a constant acceleration the velocity changes by an equal amount in every equal time period and there is a linear relationship between velocity and time but in circular motion we we have constant acceleration the change of velocity is squared. 5 or 1. Dietmar M uller and Maria Seton EarthByte Group School of Geosciences The University of Sydney Sydney NSW Australia Synonyms Plate tectonics Definition Plate motion can be relative or absolute. Part 2 Page A Plate Tectonic Virtual Lab nbsp 22 May 2019 interactively control the synthesis of virtual planets by shaping continents Plate tectonics is a crust kinematic theory fitting observed geo . Numeracy and math skills go from a verbal or visual description of an earth process to quantitative description. After several lessons introducing the idea of plate tectonics it became clear that many students needed concrete examples and definitions in front of them to master the concepts we were working on. Direction and speed of Frodo Continent relative to Galadriel Islands _____ mm y toward the . Jan 27 2006 Each lab group should download the Lab Report Template and fill in the relevant information as you perform the experiment. While driving a boat it 39 s speed relative to the tension will be along that axis as will the cart s motion. Display the answer page and have students compare it to their completed Pangaea maps. I have had some holidays boating on rivers and I can picture the effects clearly as I use the applet. Use the latitude and longitude for the young end of each hotspot and calculate the rate and direction of plate motion. Study Guide. Record the name of a plate next to your community. Notice how the location of earthquakes are concentrated along the plate boundaries of the Earth. Changes in Earth s Surface S. Describe the relative motion of the plates at ALL convergent plate boundaries. Lab 6 Rotational Equilibrium Introduction Have you ever tried to pull a stubborn nail out of a board or develop your forearm muscles by lifting weights Both these activities involve using a quot lever type quot action to produce a turning effect or torque through the application of a force. What is plate tectonics The concept that describes and explains how the major nbsp The Theory of Plate Tectonics is the grand unifying theory of earth science. There are few alternatives to the large amount of Flash games and science simulations. org ancient earth 0. Since we reside The Physics in Motion teacher toolkit provides instructions and answer keys for study questions practice problems labs for all seven units of study. Faults are younger than the rocks they cut. docx View Download 1976 AP Free Response Question 57k v. The title of the lab activity 2. Revised by Nancy West and Kathleen Alexander. Topics Earth processes Earth structure Mathematics Engineering and technology Plate tectonics deformation earthquakes interpreting data identifying patterns graphing skills constructing explanations Determine the average plate motion over a much longer time period. Students can further explore plate tectonics by visiting Plates nbsp 6 May 2016 We used two different absolute plate motion models extending back to 140 Ma The simulation starts with a unique ancestral species and new nbsp How do observations above the Earth 39 s surface paint a picture of what 39 s going on deep within Where do mountains and volcanoes come from 19 23 days. The catastrophic plate tectonics model and continental sprint during the Flood can explain this. Applying the distance modulus used in previous labs we find that the distance to this galaxy would be 63 095 000 parsecs 63 Mpc or over 200 000 000 light years 200 Mly Now you can see how we get both the velocity and distance for each galaxy. Inertia Plate Tectonics and the Hawaiian Hot Spot. edu Nov 25 2018 Plate tectonics is not directly mentioned in the Bible but Genesis 1 9 10 suggests that all of the land was once connected whereas the continents are now separated. Abstract. These states of matter have very different properties or ways they behave and appear. 1. Get help with your Projectile motion homework. Answer key Evidence of Continental Drift and Plate tectonics compared 4. Relative plate motion describes the motion of one tectonic plate relative to another. Check one a. A small piece of California including www. Ricard et al. jumping as you time yourself A position describe location of an object Describe an example or relative motion and reference frame A reference frame describe location of an observer of motion How many numbers would you describe your location e. Visit the Relative Plate Motion RPM Calculator web site. The detector is not sensitive to objects that are too close to it. These plates move relative to each other typically at rates of 2 to 4 inches 5 to 10 centimeters per year. In the dig site simulation the students start immediately interpreting data and finding evidence on the distribution of fossils and rocks. Lesson 5 Plate Tectonics amp Plate Boundaries Virtual Field Trip Standard 4 Rationale Content knowledge is a key feature of this lesson. In the toolbar click on the Collect button. Projectile Motion. b. Whether you have laptops iPads chromebooks or BYOD your favorite PhET sims are always right at your fingertips. Learn about position velocity and acceleration vectors. Extension. Segment Conclusion. Each equation contains four variables. Dec 14 2015 Moon phases are what of the moon we can see from Earth. one two Record your score out of 26. This collection of force and motion ideas should help you cover the topics of texture gravity incline and some simple machines. In the early 1960s the related concepts of quot seafloor spreading quot and quot plate tectonics quot emerged as powerful new hypotheses that geologists used to interpret the features and movements of the Earth 39 s surface layer. Move the ball with the mouse or let the simulation move the ball in four types of motion 2 types of linear simple harmonic circle . See full list on scecinfo. Move the little man back and forth with the mouse and plot his motion. Specific suggestion make all plate motion to the right east have positive velocities and make all plate motion to the left west have negative velocities. 1. Fig. Helpful comments suggestions and answers to all questions are provided in the Teacher Guide and Answers section. Natural Resources. Solar tides are caused the same way as lunar tides except that the sun 39 s gravity is pulling the water Accroding to this lab what was the inferred motion of North America relative to Africa that occurred 200 to 130 million years ago GeoBlocks 3D contains interactive QuickTime Virtual Reality QTVR movies exploring the three dimensional nature of geology specifically geologic structures within blocks. Summary of Virtual Laboratory Content and Usage Guidelines In this section we summarize the main parts of each virtual laboratory assign to each part a difficulty scale Beginner Intermediate or Advanced according to criteria listed above and state learning objectives for each lab. Plate Boundaries The theory of plate tectonics posits that the Earth s lithosphere is broken into a finite number of jigsaw puzzle like pieces or plates which more relative to one another over a plastically deforming but still solid In universities clinics and rehabilitation centers Kistler force plates are indispensable tools for clinical research sports and performance diagnostics motion analysis and occupational safety. He s at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. You can rotate the blocks make them partially transparent to view their internal structure cut through or erode them displace faults and more. Become part of our mission today and transform the learning experiences of students everywhere Glencoe McGraw Hill Relative Motion Lab In this lab you will measure the velocity of a toy car in different frames of reference. 3. Sea floor topography is controlled by the age of the oceanic lithosphere and the rate of spreading. This means that it takes about 400 milliseconds for the ball to leave the pitcher s hand and arrive at the plate. These age data also allow the rate of seafloor spreading to be A special thanks to all of the staff members who have taken the time to help answer these questions. Geodesy the science of measuring the Earth 39 s shape and positions on it allows the measurement of plate motion directly using GPS the Global Positioning System. Plate Tectonics Chapter 2. Expect students to be convinced of the theory of 10. Here are the links you are told to go to. Island Distance Age Rate Distance Age Molokai 210km 1. The oldest oceanic rocks are about___ Ma million years ago which records about ___ of Earth history. Change temperature composition and thickness of plates. interior of a crustal plate _____ Answer the following questions about Plate Tectonic Processes using the diagrams with the map. Day 163. Virtual laboratory investigations allowing students to experiment Plate Tectonics Flip Chart Set S. Nov 25 2018 Plate tectonics is not directly mentioned in the Bible but Genesis 1 9 10 suggests that all of the land was once connected whereas the continents are now separated. Answers will vary but could include main ideas from the summary or 1 main idea from each Reading 3 . The user shall not step or stand on a ladder The plate boundary where two plates are moving apart creating new crust and making the oceans spread. NOTE Scale of map 1 inch 758 miles. Most of it is located under the ocean. 75 inches 7 A plate boundary is what we call the edge of a plate where it is in contact with an adjacent plate. Our online plate tectonics trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top plate tectonics quizzes. Dec 11 2018 Geodetic Plate Motion . E. Plate Tectonics and the Flood Jan 13 2016 Motion is change in _____over time e. 8 a How does the current motion of HNLC on Oaha compare to the direction of Pacific Plate motion relative to the Hawaian hoespot over the past 42 million years b GPS station HNLC on Oahu has the folloning component velocities relative to the NNR reference frame as of January 24 2016 moving north at 3660210008 cm yr. Historical data and Virtual Lab. Virtual Lab Interactive Projectile Motion Simulation from the University of Alabama. How might you alter the lab to make the response times even slower Discussion Question 1. a wkano developa direcaly abose the ht As the plate continues to move the volkcano drifts away from the hobpot and everntually becomes dormant Meambile. The date the lab activity was performed 3. a How does the current motion of HNLC on Oahu compare to the direction of Pacific Plate motion relative to the Hawaiian hotspot over the past 42 million years b GPS station HNLC on Oahu has the following component velocities relative to the NNR reference frame as of January 24 2016 moving north at 36602 00028 cm yr. 7cm yr Oahu 300km 3. To order your teacher toolkit complete and submit this form to request the teacher toolkit. Then take the Crash Course. Divergent margins and continental spreading centers a. Your efforts are greatly appreciated Atoms Elements and Molecules. 1 and 2. The Physics in Motion teacher toolkit provides instructions and answer keys for study questions practice problems labs for all seven units of study. Students will be instructed to complete a few tasks and record answers on their lab sheets. Introduction to Physical Geology created by Ralph L. street address to somebody Complete the table by determining the magnitude and direction of the relative velocity of each quot object quot depicted in the diagram below by comparing each one 39 s motion to the frame of reference listed in the first column of the table. Observing the effects caused by plate movements. Plate tectonics theory dealing with the dynamics of Earth s outer shell that revolutionized Earth sciences by providing a uniform context for understanding mountain building processes volcanoes and earthquakes as well as the evolution of Earth s surface and reconstructing its past continents and oceans. Lava This is the name of the supercontinent 250 million years ago. Exploring plate movements. Notice that the island of Midway is quite a distance away from the current Hawaiian hot spot. Did we get the right answer Impact Crater Simulation Ridges Trenches amp Rate of Plate Movement Kellas The H R diagram and the Hubble Relation seem like very complex concepts for mission report describing the details of their planet asteroid comet or other This experiment simulates how pressure influences mineral crystal orientation. 3 Part E what is the current velocity in mm yr of Pacific Plate motion at Hawaii Hint Assign positive and negative signs to the different directions of motion. Almost all matter on Earth exists in three different states solid liquid and gas. mi in mi in 120 000 000 Part 3 Applying hot spot theory to plate motion. The goal s of the lab activity Chapter 9 Answer Key. 5 May 2019 Abstract Global deep time plate motion models have traditionally followed a classical We reconstruct absolute plate motions in a mantle reference frame with a joint global In conclusion we assign a smaller weight to net rotation relative to trench GPlates Building a virtual Earth through deep time. D Plate motion has apparently stopped as GPS shows no motion. Remember the successful completion of this lab strongly depends on your ability to create an almost closed system. A Subduction is a geological process in which the edge of a lithospheric plate slides _____ the edge of an adjacent plate. Views of Earth 39 s Past Timelines in Science Chapter 5. Since Jefferson Lab is a nuclear physics research facility it isn 39 t surprising that we 39 re often asked questions about atoms. The fraction of the cell suspension that was spread on the plate volume suspension spread total volume of cell suspension 100 510 0. READ IT This station will provide students with a one page reading about convection currents. Most earthquakes take place along faults in the upper 25 miles of the earth 39 s surface when one side rapidly moves relative to the other side of the fault. In addition we give suggested Lab 5 Uniform Circular Motion Introduction If you have ever been on an amusement park ride that travels in a curved or circular path then you have experienced a force called a centripetal force pushing you into the ride. Start with the phone book. If you don t know the answers learn them when you check each answer. Hint Assign positive and negative signs to the different directions of motion. A particular point on a plate or less likely on a plate boundary will be stationary if the Euler vector of the motion of that plate or plate boundary passes through that point Fig. 6 . What do you observe about the results Is the side the crust is placed on important A comprehensive database of more than 43 plate tectonics quizzes online test your knowledge with plate tectonics quiz questions. Blewitt E. 4 feet per 100 years 5 cm year . 1002 Virtual Speed Lab Answers The distribution of earthquakes in the area of the India Eurasia plate boundary is shown in Figure 11. In major league baseball the pitcher may throw the ball at 95 mph. glencoe. Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations. Students use the online graph sketching tool to predict the motion of a person walking back amp forth over a 40 meter line. Measure the period using the stopwatch or period timer. B Rates of plate motions over the past decade are very similar to rates over the past several million years. Play with one or two pendulums and discover how the period of a simple pendulum depends on the length of the string the mass of the pendulum bob the strength of gravity and the amplitude of the swing. Direction and speed of Frodo Continent relative to Galadriel Islands mm y toward the . Forces. This network of satellites is more stable than the Earth 39 s surface so when a whole continent moves somewhere at a few centimeters per year GPS can tell. As the plates move they interact along their boundaries these interactions depend upon the type of plate movement as well. Based on these first motions and the relative amplitudes of the P wave on the two horizontal An excellent example of such an approach can be found on the web at Virtual Earthquake. and moving west at 6 Course Overview Acellus Grade 6 Science is an integrated course covering Astronomy Forces and Motion and Earth Structure. The Tharp Heezen map illustrated the geological features that characterize the seafloor and became a crucial factor in the acceptance of the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift. If you have coordinates in WGS 84 XYZ cartesian values you can use those values as input. edu a hotspot was the origin of the volcano because the rest of the plate movement all comes from the hotspot older to younger Based on the map what was the average speed and direction of North American plate motion at Yellowstone relative to the hotspot since 13. Uniform circular motion on an object happens when there is a net force acting towards the center of the circle. Low tide occurs when the body is perpendicular to the force of gravity. Pangea These are pieces of the crust that quot float quot and move because of the mantle 39 s convection Lab 2 The Physics 500 Lab 3 The Domino Effect Lab 4 Merrily We Roll Along Lab 6 Race Track Lab 7 Bull s Eye b Hsu CPO Physics Lab 1A Time Distance and Speed c My Labs C 2 from Topic 1 Walking Vectors if this was not done in Topic 1 C 2 Walk a Number Line C 3 Velocity and Acceleration a Constant Motion factors can disturb the motion of the carts on the track and what you should do to reduce or eliminate these factors. Samples collected from the ocean floor show that the age of oceanic crust increases with distance from the spreading centre important evidence in favour of this process. 196 9. 2 Oct 25 2016 1 54 PM By converting our sims to HTML5 we make them seamlessly available across platforms and devices. According to this lab what was the inferred motion of North America relative to Africa that occurred 200 to 130 million years ago 2. When we tilt our ramp try it at an angle Figure 4b the x and y axes also rotate through the angle and we now have an angle between the y axis and the weight vector which is still downward. Additional activity Where was your house 200 million years ago http dinosaurpictures. 758 . Lab Worksheet Plate Tectonics page 1 . Since we reside DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Answer in Cornplete Sentences 1. and Cheryl D. NYSE AYX Citi 39 s 2020 Global Technology Virtual Conference September 10 2020 11 40 AM ET Company Participants Dean Stoecker Co Founder amp Chief Executive Officer Kevin Rubin This is explained by Newton 39 s 3rd law of motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Probability estimates utilize such information as the past history of earthquakes on the fault size and average time between magnitude and age of the most recent large earthquake and the amount of stress released rate of stress buildup in the plate boundary region based on the velocity of relative plate motion and regular monitoring of LAB ACTIVITY MATTER ON THE MOVE 1 Every substance in the universe is made up of matter that can exist in a number of different forms called states. the plate that the hot spot was located on abruptly shifted direction what was the rate of pacific plate motion relative to the hawaiian hotspot as it was developing the 2300 km long emperor seamount chain from 65 myr to 42 myr express the rate in centimeters per year. Today these theories serve as the foundation upon The boundary between the Pacific and North American plates in California is a transform plate boundary marked by the San Andreas strike slip fault. Apr 01 2019 Review their answers to assess their base knowledge of the topic. com Blend a motion sensor lab with student generated graph modeling. These student oriented labs are designed to explore science through a stimu lating yet simple and relaxed approach to each topic. and moving west at 6. Last they analyze differences between their predictions and the real world data. Understand why we are very certain about plate configurations for the past 200 000 years but that it gets MUCH more difficult to do past reconstructions for times before that. Welcome to the Physics lab In this lab we will do virtual experiments to understand Newton 39 s laws of motion. 16 . In this experiment Newton s first and second laws of motion were used to study and verify the expression for the force F to be provided to mass m to execute circular motion. source pages 8 and 10 Day 162. 1993 Bercovici et al. 11. Along this fault the Pacific plate is moving northwestward relative to the North American plate at an approximate rate of 16. Continental Drift And Plate Tectonics Virtual Lab Answers. Angle Height and Track The tiny Juan de Fuca plate is largely responsible for the volcanoes that dot the Pacific Northwest of the United States. By the end of 1967 Earth s surface had been mapped into a series of plates Figure 10. Stressed to a VIRTUAL LAB. Water sugar starch and iodine molecules will all be in motion and each molecule will move to a region of its lower concentration unless the molecule is too large to pass through the membrane. The voltage of the field is a measure of its strength. ASSESS IT Plate tectonics Plate tectonics Seafloor spreading As upwelling of magma continues the plates continue to diverge a process known as seafloor spreading. Simulations Create a Volcanic Eruption Nuclear Power Plant. This simulation uses a graph of height versus distance and challenges the students to find a combination of velocity angle and mass that will yield specified values of range height and total flight time. Dec 24 2019 Likewise if you want the motion relative to some other fixed plate overide NNR as a reference. Yes this figure contains igneous rocks and it may be possible to find an absolute age by using radiometric dating Sep 10 2020 Alteryx Inc. If the spreading rate relative velocity is high magma must be rising rapidly and the lithosphere is relatively hot beneath the ridge. Glencoe McGraw Hill The Business Journals 39 sites feature local business and industry news from 43 different markets around the nation along with a full menu of tools and resources to Edgenuity personal fitness answers All answers to edgenuity. 6 This website will give you other information that is not relevant to this lab exercise. D. 3 ame Date a lithospheric plate moves over a hotspot in the upper mantle below the plate. Of those nearly 100 000 can be felt and 100 cause damage. This lab and the previous lab Wiggle in Time and Space Lab can typically be done in a single period. 1 a Lab arrangement for Exp. Earthquakes Chapter 3. The GSRM report is quot A geodetic plate motion and Global Strain Rate Model quot Kreemer C. The course includes lab videos where students observe experiments that demonstrate the concepts they are learning. Spend a Report your findings in the following table Left Side 9 Describe the relative motion of the plates at ALL convergent plate boundaries. 101 Lab Compressional particle motion back and forth in the direction of wave propagation. crustal plate margins _____ b. Therefore if the normal force and frictional force between the bodies are N and F k Sep 02 2019 electrons is measured by setting up an electrical field that opposes their motion. Explore graphic organizers lesson plans handouts classroom posters clipart worksheets and more. 4 How much is 2 and 2 put together 22 Educational teaching resources and teaching aids for BrainPOP subscription. Slinky Lab Simulating the Motion of Earthquake Waves. Questions. In this lab you will investigate the type of collisions for which the Law of Conservation of Energy holds true. If you 39 re looking for fun ideas then this is the place to start Ideas to Experiment with Force and Motion 1. The following file records earthquake activity around the world for the past week. 5. Answer key Keep in mind the measurements won t be exact and students answers may vary but the answers should all be in the ballpark of the estimates given in the answer table below. High tide occurs when the moon is directly in line with the body of water in question. preparations. The United States is located on the North American Plate. Course Topics Include Objects in Space Forces and Movement in Space Force and Motion Newton s Laws and Energy Electricity and Magnetism Earth Systems Rocks Plate Motion R. G. You MUST choose the correct formula when solving your problem Refer to the following information for the next three questions. We will calculate these values through three standard setups that you may be familiar with from your lecture series. You will also learn how two motions one perpendicular to the other affect each other. Fill this out in Table 1. Measuring Plate Motion with GPS Roger Groom Cate Fox Lent and Shelley Olds UNAVCO. far the Pacific Plate has moved in 17 years. 4 divergent plate boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Juan de Fuca Plate 35 On the map below points A through D represent locations on Earth s surface. Animation Source For more information from the source Ron Blakey Professor of Geology Northern Arizona University. Dawes including unattributed figures. a2. Aug 27 2020 Be able to use the absolute motion of one plate and the relative motion between that plate and a second plate to determine the absolute motion of the second plate. This sudden motion causes shock waves seismic waves to radiate from their point of origin called the focus and travel through the earth. Show your calculations with units. You will hear the detector start to click rapidly now your lab partner should drop the book. 05 microgram x 0. The answer is no. check the map Figure A2. 2000 . Plate Reconstruction. See the EarthComm web site for more information. 4825 mm yr Longitude vector direction amp velocity 5. For the North Atlantic Ocean using the map in the lab Measure the distance between the center of the spreading center red and the border between dark yellow and light green 65 Ma point I measured 2 cm Since the scale on the map is 1 cm 475 km calculate the real distance that the plate has moved over the past 65 Ma The Doppler Effect for the relative motion of a source does NOT yield the same results as for an observer moving at the same rate. Virtual Labs. the map in fig. 2. Each person in the group should print out the Questions section and answer them individually. New crust forms at plate margins as _____ rises creating ridges under Physics 2015 Lab 7 Rotational Motion Lab 7 Rotational Motion Purpose This Lab is intended as an introduction to the concepts of rotational inertia rotational energy and angular momentum. 05 mybp to present day 2. Separation Plate Boundary This is molten rock on the surface of the Earth. GPB offers the teacher toolkit at no cost to Georgia educators. Klein 2014 Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 15 3849 3889 doi 10. According to the maps of continental drift sequences how has position ofNorthAmerica relative to the equator changed over last 200 million years 3. Try different models or look at results from all models. NAME Select the Plate Tectonics PhET from the Unit 2 Folder. relative plate motion virtual lab answers